Attuning to Full Potential

Mini Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) Workshop Saturday 8th November 2014 €270

AFP helps to take responsibility for our behaviour, gives permission to allow the release of old    patterns and programs, habits and situations to the part of us which creates experiences for  healing to occur.

With AFP we clear physical, emotional, structural or energetic blockages as well as belief systems and in-congruency, to help find the pathway to make new choices. We do this by listening to our inner voice, surrendering to new consciousness with the help of forgiveness, love, universal energy and spirit. This allows us to work towards unlimited and interdimensional place of irradiance and back down to body cell level.

How does AFP work?

AFP uses vibrational icons monitored by muscle response (muscle test from kinesiology). Using a body monitor such as muscle testing helps to find where the blockages are helps clear them to find a new comfortable balance. The body at all levels chooses the best path forward. The vibrational AFP icons are like a menu to release blockages from and find a new state of balance towards your full potential.

This combination gives access to your body’s files, unique for each individual.


Facilitated by Dr. Alweena Awan

For Bookings please contact Barry Drew 086-1928862