Harmonising Circle Workshop

Harmonising Circle Workshop Sunday 24th August 2014 €160

Harmonising Circle are based on the Law of Attraction – using positive thought to create the reality you want and Ho’oponopono, which loosely translated means to ‘set things right’ and comes from sacred Hawaiian teachings that aim to connect with our inner wisdom.

Harmonising Circle help to explore what each person wants in order to be more present, authentic and connected in their lives. In Ho’oponopono the belief is that our entire existence comes from within and be simply accepting responsibility and allowing, we can clear the old memories and belief systems that are stopping our desires from manifesting.

We are full of boundless potential but all too often; blockages, sabotages, interferences,resistances and conditioning prevent us from connecting to our real essence and changing our reality.

Facilitated by Dr. Alweena Awan 

For Bookings please contact Barry Drew 086-1928862