Homeopathy is a system of medicine using natural substances taken from the natural world, plant animal and mineral that are administered  in minute doses, making it a very gentle and effective healing agent, with  no side  effects or toxicity and therefore safe to use from birth to the end stages of life.

It is a holistic form of medicine factoring in the whole person, their current ailment and also their mental and emotional state.  The remedies are chosen on an individual basis, the symptoms that particular person produces being the guide to the correct remedy. Indeed it is more about treating the person rather than the disease thereby encouraging the body to begin a healing process.

It is non toxic, not addictive, has no side effects and is useful in treating both acute and chronic conditions and in chronic situations can be used alongside conventional medications.

It can be safely used throughout pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding and can help recovery from childbirth. Homeopathy is also very useful in acute first aid situations around the home and can facilitate healing after operations and sports injuries.

Homeopathy offers a valid and safe alternative for baby’s and children’s ailments. Some examples are ear infections, coughs, allergies, asthma, eczema, warts, bed-wetting, digestive complaints (colic, constipation, food sensitivities and allergies), as well as emotional issues around tantrums, fears and phobias, and sleep disturbances. Parents have said that these conditions respond well to homeopathic treatments.

Boosting a persons immune system and improving resistance to allergens and infections would also be good reasons to choose homeopathy.


The Homeopath

Ingrid is a licensed, registered homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths. She is has been working as a homeopath for the past 4 years and works part time in a health shop.