“After a number a years of experiencing fatigue I was delighted and relieved to gain an understanding of why it was happening. A few very simple changes to my eating habits resulted in dramatic changes within 3 weeks of my visit to Alexia. I am truly grateful for Alexia’s ongoing help and insight and highly recommend a consultation to anyone who would like to feel better”


” I suffered from psoriasis on my scalp and body for many years. I tried numerous lotions and creams, and even steroid tablets that were prescribed by a dermatologist. However, there was no improvement. A friend of mine recommended Alexia and after following her diet and taking supplements for three months, I am clear of psoriasis. Prior to visiting Alexia, I didn’t understand the important role that my diet played in relation to my condition. I would certainly advise anyone to visit Alexia and follow her advice.  She will transform your life!”


” I suffered from migraines for seven years. I tried countless ways to get to the source of  the problem to no avail. After hundreds of tablets, lost days in bed and endless suffering, one visit to Alexia made the difference. Problem solved! What YOU put into YOUR body affects YOUR life. Take Alexia’s advice”


” I suffered for 14 years with kidney infections. I was in constant discomfort. It completely affected my life. Despite regular conventional medication, trips to doctors and specialists, it was all to no avail; nothing worked. Then I attended Alexia. I took her food and dietary advice and her helpful suggestions to clear up the infection. I followed her plan and to this day I have had no kidney infection. I can’t recommend Alexia highly enough and I have told many people about her. She had given me wonderful relief and my life has changed for the better”