Do you feel like you’re constantly rushing from one thing to another? Do you crave sugar and junk food all the time, just to keep you going? Are you exhausted when you fall into bed, but still not able to sleep well?


The adrenal glands are two little organs that sit on the top of your kidneys. They’re only the size of walnuts, but they produce over 50% of the hormones in your body that manage vital bodily functions like immune response, blood pressure, and energy levels.


If the adrenal glands are forced to respond constantly to stress they get drained and can no longer control all of the other hormones as they should. Cortisol levels in particular will become high. If left unchecked this can lead to adrenal fatigue and to conditions like ME.


How can nutritional therapy help with adrenal support?

Alongside lifestyle changes and improvements to self-care, a nutritional programme can be designed to help you balance your blood sugar levels and keep cortisol in check. Together we’ll work through a three step process to help you identify stress factors and make positive changes to dramatically improve your health.

Step 1: Take a thorough case history

First we will discuss what has been going on so I can get a picture of all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. We will talk about lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your stress levels, and look at your diet and eating patterns.

Step 2: Create a personalised nutritional therapy programme

Equipped with this information I will design an individual nutritional therapy programme for you. You will learn the types of foods you should be eating and those you should be avoiding to better support your body in times of stress. Supplements might also be needed in order to help balance cortisol levels and bolster your immune system.

Step 3: Acupuncture to help recover your energy and vitality