Is a female hormone disorder that causes tissue growth outside of the uterus. These tissues thicken and break down, leading to pain, bleeding and potentially problems with fertility. This happens when something causes a blockage to inhibit the normal hormonal flow.


Many of my clients with endometriosis say it seriously impacts their quality of life, leaving them fatigued and even bedridden for a day or two each month. As with most conditions, there is a spectrum of severity. For some women, the symptoms can even go unnoticed. That doesn’t mean they won’t cause complications with fertility, or problems in the future.


How can nutritional therapy help with endometriosis?

While it is not curable, diet and lifestyle changes – such as choosing anti-inflammatory foods, and those that can naturally balance hormones – can play a huge role in making the symptoms of endometriosis more manageable. Together we will work through a three step process to get the answers you’re looking for and help you make positive changes to dramatically improve your health.

Step 1: Take a thorough case history

First we will discuss what has been going on so I can get a picture of all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. We will take a non-judgemental look at your diet, identifying foods which might be healthy enough but simply not suited to your biochemical make-up.


Step 2: Create a tailored nutritional therapy programme

Finally I will create a tailor-made endometriosis diet plan helping you learn which foods you should be eating more of, and which you should be avoiding to help reduce those unwanted symptoms.


Step 3: Acupuncture to move blood and Qi stagnation and help relieve symptoms