Nutritional Therapy

If everything you eat and drink has an effect on your body then doesn’t it make sense that if you have pain disease, altering what you eat and drink may help the body heal from the symptoms you are experiencing?

Nutritional therapy is about adjusting what you are eating, as well as your habits and patterns around food, in order to relieve the pain or discomfort you are experiencing.  It is also about recognising what nutrients you require depending on your lifestyle, sex, age and stress levels.  It is about educating and empowering you to have the knowledge and tools required in order to have vitality and health.

What to expect?


An initial session typically lasts between 60 – 90 minutes. During the consultation we go through all aspects of diet, lifestyle, medical history, stress to build a clear picture to possible contributors to your health concern.

From information gathered I am able to give specific diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Depending on the condition results can be seen from 1 – 8 weeks but this can vary.

As each health concern is unique the number of treatments can vary. This can be determined during the initial consultation.



Initial Consultation : €125

Follow up: €90